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Shall we Dance.

Join our dance classes today and learn from one of the best instructors out there!

Learn the Art of Ballet and Gymnastics

Royalty Ballet Company in Arlington, Texas is a revamped business from 2013. Our owner, Kourtney Lampkin, took a break from teaching ballet when she decided to focus on her family and children. Now that she’s back, she hopes to share her passion for ballet and gymnastics by teaching individuals who share the same dedication for the art.

What are you waiting for? Join our dance classes today, and learn from one of the best instructors out there! We welcome aspiring dancers from all skill levels. Inquire now!

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Ballet Instructor Equipped With Exceptional Techniques
  • Open for Beginners

About Us

Our company believes that our customers’ needs are our utmost priority. Our team is dedicated to satisfying those needs. As a result, majority of our clientele is from repeat customers and referrals.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the best service that you deserve.

Royalty Ballet Company is a school as well as a performing arts program offering classes to children, families and students. Owned and operated by Kourtney Lampkin, Prima Ballerina..

Dancing and teaching in the world of ballet for eighteen years, ballet has not just become a life style of accomplishments but more a passion of hers. In continuing her education at a four year university and traveling the world dancing with various ballet companies; Kourtney Lampkin was blessed with the opportunity to study and become a student of many World renowned choreographers such as Mrs. Debbie Allen from the movie “F.A.M.E”, who is a well known producer of many other movies and sitcoms; Mr. Steven from the movie “Dance with Me” starring Vanessa L.Williams, as well as the Mia Michaels, choreographer from the hit sitcom show “So you think you can dance”.



Royalty Ballet Company strives to develop ballet students of the highest technical skill as well as of high moral character. While exposing the students to other styles of dance and gymnastics our goal is to give each individual dancer and gymnast the tools they need to take dance and gymnastics as far as they dream to take it.


To be celebrated globally as one of the premier ballet companies in the world of dance, recognized for our rich and diverse repertoire, respected stature in the Dallas Ft. Worth region, and notable impact on dance appreciation and education throughout the community.

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